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Who We Are

The Stress Test has been developed by the team behind the Post Abortion Course, which has run for over twenty years, helping hundreds of women and men who have struggled after a past termination. Guests frequently comment that things might have been different if they had been able to communicate effectively with partners, parents and friends at the time.  Also, if they had known more, they might not have got pregnant in the first place.

The Stress Test is thus about enabling good decision-making in an unintended pregnancy. The team believe in the autonomy of the individual to choose the outcome most suitable for themselves and are passionate to help women access more choices when it comes to an unintended pregnancy.  As an organisation we do not take a view on the rightness or wrongness of terminating a pregnancy following an unintended pregnancy. We are not a campaign against abortion, we seek to empower women’s choices by addressing a wide range of issues around unintended pregnancy.

For information on The Post Abortion Course click here.