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What is The Stress Test?

What would you do in an unintended pregnancy?

The Stress Test is a training seminar designed help people think through what they would want to do in an unintended pregnancy. You can watch the videos and there is a free booklet available to download.

What is the need for The Stress Test?

45% of all pregnancies are unintended. This means that nearly half of all women will experience an unintended pregnancy in their lifetime.  If you are a man nearly half of you might have a partner who at some point comes to you and says she is pregnant. 

Pregnancy is therefore a fact of life. Whether you’re sexually active now or intend to wait till you’re in a permanent or more committed relationship, you are very likely to have to think about what happens next when someone becomes pregnant – even if it’s simply because your best friend or your sister or brother are in that situation. The Stress Test will get you thinking in advance, so that you’re ready for it!